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Grace Outreach is immensely proud of the several projects launched thus far to enrich our community.

Each project is built on the beliefs we promote and live by: transparency, integrity, compassion, goodwill and creating hope.

Basileia Help Centre:  Bible Study.

Hanlie Potgieter, voluntary worker at Basileia Help Centre, busy with Bible study with the non-working residents of the centre.. Bible study takes place every second Thursday morning at the centre.

Volunteers at Basileia Help Centre:  Soup Kitchen.

Four ladies of the Craft Group, Gill Mactavish, Margaret Ashton, Noeleen Altern and Penny Riley visited Basileia Help Centre's soup kitchen to hand out knitted beanies, neck warmers and gloves to the diners.

Ladies of Lutheran Church preparing Soup for Soup Kitchen.

Preparation and cooking of 700 litre soup for the soup kitchen of Basileia Help Centre. This is the responsibility of twelve ladies of the Lutheran Church. Soup and bread are served daily to 40 jobless people from the streets. The 700 litre soup lasts 3 months.

Basileia Help Centre:  Programmes

Basileiea help Centre focus on the following programmes:
1)  Report to office.
2)  Accommodation.
3)  Counseling.
4)  Welfare/social affairs.
5)  Upliftment.
6)  Job creation. (residents)
7)  Devotional service. 

Basileia Help Centre is a joint project of the Reformed Churches, Rustenburg and Grace Outreach Community Association.

We help with:

a) Housing people in need (temporarily) under certain conditions. The main aim is to support and develop these people so that they can take up their places in the mainstream of society again.
b) At least 40 jobless people from the streets are served daily with soup and bread and devotion in our soup kitchen.

We are in need of/need help with:

a) Non-perishables b) Single bed linen c) Cutlery
d) Cash donations e) Voluntary workers on a Thursday and Friday at the soup kitchen
e) Voluntary professional services such as psychologists, doctors etc.
Any individuals/businesses that can help in any way, please email us, or contact our office.

Annual donations of Lutheran Church to Basileia Help Centre:

A big thank you to Pastor Theo Jäckel and the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Kroondal who donated non-perishable food, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as cash donations to Basileia Help Centre on 9 December 2018. The donation concurred with the celebration of their annual harvest festival and service. This outreach towards Basileia Help Centre has been done over many years now and is highly appreciated.


OnTrack4Life Project: (Prison Ministry.)
This project contains the following: 1) Programme while in prison. Families of prisoners are also included in the programme. 2) Victim-offender-mediation.
Trevor Jacobs is the project manager on OnTrack4Life.

Future plans on this project:  (Only for prisoners that done the programme mentioned above )
a)  Working with the prisoner on parole.  The "In Vision Centres"  will prepare prisoners to integrate into society again and assist them in finding suitable protected work.
b)  Alumni:  When prisoners are rehabilitated and integrated back into society, they are encouraged to give back to society by (for example) giving motivational speeches at schools, churches etc

Public Housing and Place of Safety:

On the photo f.l.t.r is ds Koos Venter and Deon Farmer who met with Prakshna Somia (Managing Director) and Stephan De Beer (Chairperson) of Yeast City Housing (YCH) in Pretoria. The meeting was held to explore opportunities for partnering on a social housing project in Rustenburg in the near future. YCH are celebrating 20 years of growing healthy communities and neighbourhoods with access to decent and affordable housing in the Tshwane Metropolitan. They currently let 1261units of various types in 14 different locations to accommodate people from low-medium income groups and at-risk people who qualify for housing subsidies. They also facilitate opportunities for community empowerment and care. Grace Outreach Community Association envisage to have a follow up meeting with YCH early next year to plan how to co-operate to implement a similar project in Rustenburg.

Recycling Project

Deon Farmer, chairman of Grace Outreach Rustenburg, handing over a donation to Urban Roodt (middle) and Andre de Jager (left) of Rustenburg Transformation Centre. The donation will contribute in helping street workers with the recycling of plastic articles as well as the upliftment of the street workers

Building of the push carts for Recycling Project in progress 

The building of the push carts in progress! This is part of our Recycling Project to help the recycle workers in making their jobs easier. A big thank you to Rustenburg Transformation Centre (André de Jager and Urban Roodt) in the designing and building of the carts.